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The information provided here is of a general nature and does not amount to any legal, tax or investment advice. The information provided on this website must in particular not be understood as an offer for the acquisition of any of the products described here, as a request for making such offer, or as a corresponding advertising.

Moreover, the information provided on this website neither provides any decision aid on financial, legal, tax or other consulting matters, nor must any investment or other decisions be made solely on the basis of the information provided on this website.
You will find more detailed information on any investment products described on this website in the corresponding prospectuses. Subscription can be made exclusively on the basis of the respective, solely authoritative prospectus. In particular, the risk indications contained therein should be carefully read before any investment. In addition, it is recommended that you obtain advice from a lawyer, tax consultant, auditor or other advisor in order to examine whether the form of investment is suitable against the background of your own financial, fiscal and other circumstances. The offer and sale of investment products on which information is provided on this website is restricted or prohibited by law in specific sovereign territories. Persons who are subject to the jurisdiction of such sovereign territories must independently obtain information about such restrictions and are obliged to comply with them.
Therefore, the information provided on this website is not addressed to any persons subject to a jurisdiction in which an offer would be unlawful.
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